L6We are getting into the Royal Wedding spirit by doing one of our favorite things…  watching old movies.  The are some great royal love stories that have been brought to the big screen, but the definitive Royal Wedding movie has to be, well, “Royal Wedding” – a 1951 musical starring Fred Astaire.

Our friends at Turner Classic Movies have rolled it out a few times this month and it is just fun to see people in another era getting excited by another Royal Wedding.

From the TCM synopsis: “As soon as brother and sister dance team Tom and Ellen Brown’s long-running Broadway show closes, they learn from their agent, Irving Klinger, that the show has been booked by his London-based brother Edgar to play at the Mayfair theater during the festivities surrounding the wedding of Princess Elizabeth.”  And of course hijinks, hilarity and dancing ensues.

Royal Wedding,” which costars Jane Powell, in not Astaire’s finest film, but again, just a fun musical you wish were still being made.

I think you can catch it on-demand on TCM if you have it.