succI swear I helped to start the current succulent trend by attending a succulent wreath making seminar with my lifelong friend Lynda a few years back. I should have figured out a product or another way to monetize succulents, as I was a pioneer, but now I am behind the trend. Anyway, I was thinking about this the other day when I came across this Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit from the fine folks at Uncommon Goods.

About the Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit from Uncommon Goods: “How does your garden grow? Lush with hand-selected succulents and a layer of moss, this rustic, wood-framed garden is a work of living art. Designed to thrive indoors and out, the bright array of greenery is held in place by water-preserving moss and light mesh within a square or rectangular frame. Succulents are as low maintenance as they are charming, and with the included instructions, you’ll be able to keep your clippings alive and well for years. Your portable garden can be hung from a wall or fence, or used as a living centerpiece—an eye catching way to get your gardening hobby off the ground. Made in San Diego.”

I really think that a wall garden is an excellent idea and a great way to bring a little more green in your decorating.

Find the Succulent Living Wall Planter Kit from Uncommon Goods here.

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