606Cities are trying to find new ways to use old and neglected spaces to bring recreation areas and parks to congested areas. In recent years New York’s High Line has reclaimed an abandoned rail line to create a super cool park, and Boston has turned the area formerly shadowed by an elevated expressway (now underground) into the gorgeous Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Now Chicago has joined this trend and created The 606, a new recreational trail on an abandoned rail line North West of downtown and it is a huge success. The 606 includes space for biking, walking and running, while adding greenery and public are to a swath of the city that needed more open space.

About : “The 606 takes Chicago’s legacy of great parks to new heights. The 606 has the elevated Bloomingdale Trail as its centerpiece, connected to six neighborhood parks at ground level, a wheel-friendly event plaza, an observatory, art installations, educational programming, and other amenities. Set above city streets, it’s a new way to explore Chicago on trails for biking, running and strolling. The 606 also connects parks, people, and communities; what once physically separated four neighborhoods now will knit them together and attract visitors from throughout Chicago and beyond. Imagine block after block of uninterrupted trails. Kids will learn to ride their bikes here, commuters will find a new shortcut to work, and neighbors will make new friends. The 606 will change what it means to go to the park.”

Visit The 606 online here.