lickI defy anybody to pick up today’s Read, flip through it, and not feel pure joy. Yes, that is the effect happy dogs have on people which is captured in stunning detail by photographer Ty Foster in his wonderful book Lick. Yes, Lick is exactly what it sounds like, a book full of great photos of dogs licking and it is awesome.

About Lick by Ty Foster: “Sweet, slobbery, and undeniably silly, Ty Foster‘s photographs of dogs will delight anyone who’s ever loved a dog—or just been licked by one. Gifts for dog lovers don’t come any lickier than this. Includes 91 dogs and their tongues.”

This books makes you want to go to a doggie daycare bathed in peanut butter and let the gang go at it.

Lick by Ty Foster is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.