aaa3If I see a product that clearly states on its label “just add bourbon” – I am in all day. Such is the case with the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar I found from the fine folks at Portland, ME-based Vena’s Fizz House – which provides everything you need to make a unique bourbon cocktail. Well everything but the bourbon of course.

About the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar from Vena’s Fizz House: “Infuse your spirits without chemicals, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrups. With Vena’s Infusion Jars we create delicious recipes using freeze dried fruits, herbs, and bitter infused sugar cubes to flavor your alcohol. We put it in a jar; all you have to do is add the alcohol! Use your infused alcohol in Vena’s custom cocktail recipe located on the inside of the label.”

Find the Campfire Bourbon Infusion Jar from Vena’s Fizz House here.

Meanwhile, Vena’s also has a nice line of shrubs – and you know how I live me some shrubs…

And if you find yourself in Portland, Maine’s Old Port (and you really should try to find yourself there it is an awesome place) you can stop by Vena’s Fizz House – at 345 Fore Street.

Find the collection of shrubs from Vena’s Fizz House here.

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