aa1I love a find that says everything you need to know about it in its name, as in today’s find, Hella Slingshots. You are probably thinking these guys make a really cool slingshot, and you would be right. Hella Slingshots is the creation of San Francisco-based entrepreneur Adam Gray, and they make an awesome line of well-crafted slingshots that blow away anything you may have had as a kid.

About Hella Slingshots: “Of all the things that bring us sheer childlike joy—the yo-yo, the jump rope, the tree swing—the slingshot is tops. Stuffed in a back pocket and taken for a hike, it leads to endless amusement and mischief. I fell back in love with slingshots while adventuring on camping trips and bicycle tours. To kill time, my buddies and I would shoot cans, bottles, and bodies of water. Being a crafty sort of person, I thought I’d try making a few unique slingshots for myself. I got a little carried away—as I often do—and as you can see, I now make a slew of wooden slingshots along with other classic wooden toys and home goods.”

The wooden slingshot and felt ammo set (above right) is great for starters: “This wooden slingshot and felt ammo is perfect for play and target practice. Each one-of-a-kind slingshot is handmade from Pine Wood. They’re lightly stained and outfitted with a leather projectile pouch using rubber bands. So grab one, head outside and cause some mischief.”

Learn more and check out Hella Slingshots’ complete collection here.