FF: The cool fun chargers from BUQU

aa4Life is way too short to have a boring car or wall charger. Seriously, think about how often you use these things for all of your USB-chargeable devices. Well you can relax, the fine folks at BUQU have you covered with a great line of really cool and fun charging devices…

…like the Playa Dice Wall Charger:

“When your phone is beat after a full day of texts and posts, the Playa™ will get you charged back up and ready to go in no time. It works on any USB powered device so feel free to share.”

Check out all the cool chargers and related products from BUQU here.

FF: The Tattoo collection from Hartland Brooklyn

aaa1Last summer while on vacation (in the wonderful village of Wellfleet near the tip of Cape Cod) my friend Lynda applied temporary tattoos to the arms of our entire entourage. The tattoos were all seaside themed – like lobsters and shells – so it was perfect and the tattoos were surprisingly durable.

Anyway, I have been on the lookout for other temporary tattoos to bring on the next group trip and I think I have found just what I am looking for…

…the Pet Temporary Tattoos I found as part of the tattoo collection from the fine folks at Hartland Brooklyn.

Find the Tattoo collection from Hartland Brooklyn here.

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