aa3I have always loved good pop-up books. The best among them leave me amazed and impressed with the talent that goes into designing them. Which is why I have fallen in love with Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book by Robert Crowther. Mr. Crowther’s elegant artwork and ingenious designs makes this book a delight from start to finish.

About Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book by Robert Crowther: “Have you ever wondered how a steam engine works? Do you have a hankering to don an engineer’s cap and race a locomotive under tunnels and over bridges? Loaded with flaps, pull-tabs, 3-D trains, and a spectacular pop-up model of a bustling railroad station, Robert Crowther’s sturdy exploration of trains and how they work is a tour de force of paper engineering and a bonanza for railroad aficionados of all ages. What’s more, it’s filled to the brim with fun facts and intriguing information lurking behind, around, and even on top of its many marvelous, movable trains.”

Beyond the great artwork and clever designs, Trains is populated with facts and information for the budding engineer you may have in your life – or really anyone that loves trains and wants to learn more about them.

Trains: A Pop-Up Railroad Book by Robert Crowther is available from Amazon and wherever the finest books are sold.