While tooling around the internet visiting the sites we like to visit, we came across Jack and Lulu (www.jackandlulu.com) a site that is right up our alley.  Jack and Lulu features an assortment of classy stationary items all of which look really nice.


But of all the great note cards, invitations, thank you cards, even “scratch and sniff” cards, it was something surprising Jack and Lulu features that struck our fancy… straws.  Yep, straws that you use to sip your favorite soft drink.  All of us here at Lost Cowboy love straws.  We go through scores of them every day.  But the reason we like the “Stripey Straws” Jack and Lulu feature is because they are paper.  Stripey Straws are nostalgic red and white paper straws which claim to be “earth friendly: biodegradable, compostable, chlorine-free.”  Straws we can learn to love.  Old school.

Find Stripey Straws and other cool paper products of Jack and Lulu’s website.