I am totally geeking out about today’s find, the New Super 8 Camera from Kodak. Yes, an analog film camera from, yes, Kodak – their first new consumer movie camera product in more than 30 years.

Why am I excited? Well first, I fell in love with movie cameras when as a wee lad I inherited an 8mm Kodak Brownie camera from my grandfather and started making movies when I was like 8 years old. I eventually graduated to Super 8 and then video and digital, but I still love the look and texture of film.

Now Kodak has designed a new Super 8 film camera that blends modern technology with the best of the old school medium. And it is totally awesome.

About the New Super 8 Camera from Kodak: “Advised and coached by leading filmmakers while drawing inspiration from Kodak’s past as well as the latest advances in sustainable manufacturing and design. We brought together the best mechanical fabricators on earth. Together with celebrated industrial designer Yves Behar and his team at FuseProject in San Francisco. The result of this collaboration is the first in the next generation of film cameras for a new generation of creators. The first Super 8 camera to feature a digital viewfinder. The viewfinder has also been designed to allow creators to take full advantage of the new top handle design. This film camera connects to an ecosystem of other devices to make it easy to create, share and archive.

Part of the deal with the new camera is that when you purchase the film, you pre-pay for processing – which includes a digital transfer – the best of both worlds. I hope this new camera inspires a new generation of filmmakers to shoot their films on film (70mm is nice).

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