Christmas? In July?

OK, I know what you are thinking, it is still summer so please don’t talk about Christmas yet. Well, it takes some planning to have a stress-free holiday, so why not start today? I have found the perfect way to start your Christmas season planning – the Poinsettia Grow Kit from the fine folks at Modern Sprout.

About the Poinsettia Grow Kit from Modern Sprout:

“All-inclusive Amaranthus Poinsettia indoor grow kit packaged in a wax-coated and water-tight recycled paper tube planter. A holiday favorite, this plant features an incredible range of foliage colors perfectly complimented by brilliant red-orange foliage blooms. Kit includes two wicking grow mediums that are strategically layered to provide plants with the perfect balance of water, nutrients and oxygen.”

Seriously, it takes time to grow things, so if you start now you may have fresh blooms just in time for Christmas. Or maybe not, but at least you would have tried.

Find the Poinsettia Grow Kit from Modern Sprout here.

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