My grandmother, the infamous Nana, used to make tuna sandwiches for us when we would visit. Somehow she made like a dozen sandwiches from one can. I could never do that as I like a lot of filling in my sandwiches. Anyway, I say that just to lead up to today’s find – the Pole & Line Caught Skipjack Tuna from the fine folks at BELA – which is clearly not your grandmother’s canned tuna.

About the Pole & Line Caught Skipjack Tuna from BELA:

“Our meaty, fresh, tuna fillets are a newer addition to our BELA family. Our Skipjack Tuna Fillets are: Sustainably pole and line caught off the non-industrial European coastline; Packed fresh within 8 hours of catch for ultimate taste and quality; Packed in organic extra virgin olive oil and organic Piri-Piri; Wild caught, dolphin safe. Every BPA-NIA jar is packed with 5-7 hand cut, meaty fillets to deliver gourmet, European quality and taste. And the taste isn’t all our Skipjack Tuna has to offer. Like our sardines, BELA Skipjack Tuna is protein-packed, rich in Omega-3s, low calorie and zero carbs. Plus, our tuna is great for Paleo diets. Win, win, win!”

By the way, Nana use to put celery salt on her tuna sandwich (nay) and cut our sandwiches diagonally (yay).

Find the Pole & Line Caught Skipjack Tuna from BELA here.

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