It is slow cooker season and I have been hauling out mine ever few days to make some nice hearty meals to keep me warm during this very cold winter. I am always on the lookout for new recipes for the slow cooker, and yeah, always trying to eat better and take better care of myself. Now I found the solution to both those quests, The Healing Slow Cooker – Lower Stress, Improve Gut Health, Decrease Inflammation by Jennifer Iserloh, with photography by Alice Gao.

About The Healing Slow Cooker – by Jennifer Iserloh:

“This collection of 60 set-it and forget-it recipes aims to support a variety of wellness goals for optimal health. From Detox and Calm to Rebuild and Strengthen and more, each chapter’s recipes utilize specific ingredients that help lower stress, decrease inflammation, and improve gut health. Combining the convenience of a slow cooker with accessible ingredients like ginger, mushrooms, chocolate, and turmeric, these dishes are simple enough for home cooks of any skill level. Each chapter comes with a detailed guide to the featured healing ingredients, making it easy to explore how they benefit the body. Start the journey to healthful eating with the flip of a switch!”

More than just providing great recipes, this book gives you permission to experiment and try something new – with ideas for things you never thought to put in your good old slow cooker.

The Healing Slow Cooker – by Jennifer Iserloh is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers.