Is there anything more quintessentially British than a bowler hat? OK, so there are many things that fit that bill (pun intended), but for anglophile hat lovers like me – the bowler is the most British thing you can put on your head if you can’t get one of those iconic bearskin hats from the Queen’s guard. Lucky for us, the fine folks at Lock & Co. Hatters of London – the oldest hatters in the world – still sell the classic bowler.

About the Bowler Hats from Lock & Co. Hatters of London:

“Commissioned by Edward Coke to craft a hat hardy enough to protect his gamekeepers, Lock & Co created the iconic Coke (otherwise known as the Bowler) in 1849. One of our most enduring styles, the Coke’s timelessness is owed to its distinctive domed crown and curled brim. Made from stiffened rabbit felt, the hat is fully lined, with a leather inner headband.”

Find the Bowler Hats from Lock & Co. Hatters of London here.

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