I fancy myself a bit of an artist. I delve in various media – including painting. I am a self-taught painter and usually create from my own imagination. However, I do like the satisfaction that comes from completing someone else’s masterpiece by way of paint by number.

The fine folks at Easy 123 Art have a whole collection of great ready-to-paint kits perfect for spending a few hours feeling like a true artist. I like the kits based on classic works of art, like Easy 123 Art’s mini art kit of Vincent van Gogh’s Three Sunflowers.

About Easy 123 Art’s mini art kit of Vincent van Gogh’s Three Sunflowers:

“Power up! Soak up the fun with this mini art kit of Vincent van Gogh’s “Three Sunflowers” with his irresistible contrasting color choices creating a ‘symphony of blues and yellows’. Sure to brighten any space. Kit measures 8×8″ with oak floating frame. The original “Three Sunflowers” is a highlight in the series of four radiant masterpieces famously painted by Vincent van Gogh in 1888, yet curiously hidden away in a private collection since 1948.”

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