FF: The Cacbrush from Qualy

The other day I was cleaning my toilet (yes, even I need to clean my own toilet from time to time) and I was looking at the toilet brush and thinking “there must be a better design for these.” And sure enough, the very next day I found the “Cacbrush” – the cactus toilet brush – from the fine folks at Qualy.

About the Cacbrush from Qualy:

“Don’t let the plant just stay beautifully in the toilet but use it as a toilet brush!. Not joking! you can use this cactus to brush your toilet at ease and keep it in place without anyone notice.”

Find the Cacbrush from Qualy here.

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FF: The Strawberry Gumdrops from QUIN

The is not much for me to say about this one – except that you really need to try the Strawberry Gumdrops I found from the fine folks at QUIN. You’re welcome.

About the Strawberry Gumdrops from QUIN:

“Behold the mighty QUIN gumdrop! Our buoyant sweet gummies are made with top-notch ingredients including real fruit purees and sea salt. When’s the last time you had a handmade gumdrop? We thought so. Strawberry Gumdrops feature fresh Oregon-grown strawberries (look for the seeds!) Buoyant and fresh, these real fruit gumdrops are unlike anything you’ve had before.”

Find the Strawberry Gumdrops from QUIN here.

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