Life is way too short for dollar store liquid soaps. Your hands deserve much better, like the Mint Tisane liquid soap I found from the fine folks at LAFCO New York.

About the Mint Tisane from LAFCO New York:

“Clippings of basil, eucalyptus, bay leaf, sage and mint are laid out to dry undisturbed on a sun-filled windowsill. Fresh ginger shavings and a few thorns of clove suggest this could be the makings for homemade mint tea. Spearmint and peppermint receive a healthy squeeze of lime, basil and star anise. Artfully made in Italy using only natural ingredients, our Mint Tisane liquid soap re-generates, protects and moisturizes while gently cleansing, leaving your skin luxuriously fragranced.”

Find the Mint Tisane from LAFCO New York here.

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