I have mentioned before that I have had many ideas for great books featuring photos of dogs, but I lack both the talent and the ambition to make one of them happen. Thankfully there are many others out there who produce excellent books like Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson.

About Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson:

“Celebrated pet photographer Serena Hodson’s silly, drooly, whimsical, and fun Upside-Down Dogs is sure to bring a smile to every dog lover’s face. Her unique perspective brings these sweet, full color photos to life on the page. Hodson takes beautiful color photographs of man’s best friend…but her furry subjects are always upside down. The results are stunning, charming, and laugh out loud adorable. No matter the breed, no matter the background, Hodson is able to capture the sweet personality of each dog she works with. There’s no better book to help someone turn their frown upside down.”

Ms. Hodson’s photographs are entertaining and provide a nice diversion for any dog lover.

Upside-Down Dogs by Serena Hodson is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.