Sometimes a great way to experience a city you love is to read a novel based in that city where the location is as much a character as any person. Chicago: A Novel by Brian Doyle is just such a book, which celebrates the city and the thousands of young people fresh out of college who come to it every year to start their lives. Mr. Doyle’s novel follows one such person (and the cast of characters he meets) and we are allowed to follow him and discover the city from the perspective of someone finding his way.

About Chicago: A Novel by Brian Doyle:

“On the last day of summer, a young college grad moves to Chicago and rents a small apartment on the north side of the city, by the lake. This is the story of the five seasons he lives there, during which he meets gangsters, gamblers, policemen, a brave and garrulous bus driver, a cricket player, a librettist, his first girlfriend, a shy apartment manager, and many other riveting souls, not to mention a wise and personable dog of indeterminate breed. A love letter to Chicago, the Great American City, and a wry account of a young man’s coming-of-age during the one summer in White Sox history when they had the best outfield in baseball, Chicago is a novel that will plunge you into a city you will never forget and may well wish to visit for the rest of your days.”

This is not the greatest fiction ever, but a very nice book that is a perfect companion to fill the gaps on a trip – a trip to a place like Chicago perhaps.

Chicago: A Novel by Brian Doyle is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.