I haven’t been camping for a few years now – the tents and the ticks and the bears – but I like the idea of it. I would be more inclined to camp were I to invest in one of the very cool HCI Ultra-Light Utility Campers I found from the fine folks at Happier Camper.

About the HCI Ultra-Light Utility Camper from Happier Camper:

“Retro-modern at heart, delivering affordable adventure and ground-breaking flexibility in an ultra-light package, the HC1 is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and years of careful design. An Adaptiv™ modular interior comes standard along with features such as a huge rear hatch, wide entry door, classic fenders, honeycomb fiberglass floor and large panoramic windows.”

The HCI Ultra-Light Utility Camper is customizable and elegantly designed. Now that’s what I call glamping.

Learn more about the HCI Ultra-Light Utility Camper from Happier Camper here.