GE.D2.1While I am on my house-sitting gig at my friend Lynda’s pond-side home, I was looking forward to taking her canoe out for a spin.  Lynda and her husband have a few boats moored to a little dock on the pond including the canoe, a rowboat and a good-old-fashioned (read: FUN!) paddleboat.

I love canoes and the whole summer camp culture that they invoke.  Which is why I love Winnipesaukee Canoe Company, based near my New Hampshire home in lovely Wolfeboro Falls.  Winnipesaukee Canoe Company is dedicated to all things canoe, and they offer some products from model canoes, to canoe-inspired home decorations, and vintage canoe signs.

About Winnipesaukee Canoe Company:  “Winnipesaukee Canoe Company was created out of a love for wood canoes. There is something special about the way a wood canoe is constructed. From the ribs and gunwales to the seats. The beautiful patterns and lines painted on the canvas covering these early canoes, was equally as impressive as the construction itself.”

Winnipesaukee Canoe Company’s products are a great Find for those of us who love canoes and want to enjoy them even when we are not fortunate enough to be on a pond on a lovely summer’s day.

Check out Winnipesaukee Canoe Company here.