t1As I have mention many times here, I have been trying to plant things for years and have not had much success.  My garden of choice has been container gardens with herbs, vegetables and the occasional flower.

My permanent gardens at the New Hampshire home are country gardens – which means I don’t touch them and just sit back and wait to see what comes up every summer.  I have enjoyed this, as the wildflowers and random cultivated plants have turned out to be quite pretty – if unorganized.

Because of my ignorance, I don’t weed too much.  There are some things that I would have pulled as weeds that grew into gorgeous flowers – so I have learned not to be too rash.

I admire anyone with the so-called “green thumb.”  To help me in my garden pursuits I rely on the fun little kits that make growing fun and easy.  Like the fun products offered by Dune Craft.

Dune Craft has some great micro terrariums.  I purchased a couple of them, including:

Tasty Herb Egg: “This delectable collection of herbs is sure to amaze your eyes and tantalize your taste buds. Basil, sage, and several other herbs will sprout in a matter of days and are ready to sprinkle on salad within a month.”

Rocket plant:  “Watch in amazement as the Rocket Plant speeds through its life cycle. This extraordinary plant will grow, flower, and produce seeds of its own within two months of sprouting.”

I placed the micro terrariums on the window sill in the kitchen, and sure enough they sprouted within a couple of days.  I plan to transplant them out to the containers on the back porch for some end of season results. 

Check out the micro terrariums and all of the fun planting items from Dune Craft here.