One of the great things about living in Kansas City is the wealth of culture that is surprising for a mid-sized city. First amongst the city’s cultural institutions is the world-class Nelson Atkins Museum, which offers a wonderful permanent collection, iconic sculptures on it grand grounds, and a full schedule of special exhibitions. One such exhibition is Napoleon: Power and Splendor currently on display at the museum.

About Napoleon: Power and Splendor at KC’s Nelson Atkins Museum:

“Napoleon: Power and Splendor marks the first exploration of the majesty and the artistic, political and ideological significance of Napoleon’s imperial court from Napoleon’s self-appointment as First Consul in 1799 to his abdication in 1814. The Imperial Household was a key institution during Napoleon’s reign. It was responsible for the daily lives of the Imperial family and the day-to-day existence of former general Bonaparte, who became Emperor Napoleon.”

Napoleon: Power and Splendor continues at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City through March 10, 2019.