FF: The Dewako One Bite Eggplant Seeds from Kitazawa Seed

I have never grown eggplant from seed in my garden, but I have had luck with pre-grown plants from nurseries. Most of my success had been with smaller varieties of eggplant, which has me excited to try the Dewako One Bite Japanese Eggplant seeds I found from the fine folks at Kitazawa Seed.

About the Dewako One Bite Eggplant Seeds from Kitazawa Seed:

“This small one-bite size Japanese eggplant, hitokuchi nasubi, is a purple-black color with a purple calyx. The fruit weighs about 10 grams and is ideal for pickling. This specialty eggplant is from Dewako in Yamagata Prefecture Japan.”

Find the Dewako One Bite Eggplant Seeds from Kitazawa Seed here.

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FF: The Common Beans from Native Seeds

With the amount of beans I use throughout the year for soups, chilis and salads, you would think I would be growing my own, but I haven’t so far. I grow plenty of green beans but not the kind of bean that make for drying and using later. The fine folks at Native Seeds – a nonprofit seed bank seeking to preserve the seeds of Native Americans – have a great line of common beans, just what I need to make my annual garden a great success.

About the Common Beans from Native Seeds:

“Common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) are a diverse and important crop to Native American farmers throughout the Southwest. They are eaten young as green beans or dried and shelled. Plants can be bush, semi-pole, or pole. Native to the New World, beans are a traditional protein complement to corn, rich in minerals, with a variety of tastes and colors. Members of the legume family, beans fix nitrogen from the air if certain bacteria are present in the soil to infect the roots. Beans also contain soluble fiber helpful in controlling cholesterol and diabetes. Approx. 15g/50 seeds per packet.”

Find the Common Beans from Native Seeds here.

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