BSCIf you are reading this on the day it is posted, I will be well into my much anticipated end of summer vacation in the amazing Cape Cod town of Wellfleet, MA.  I Have been spending time in Wellfleet every summer for about ten years now and I always look forward to returning to the things I love about it and finding the new things that always seem to pop up.

I have posted about Wellfleet in the past, and look forward to sharing more things and experiences I “find” on this trip – so stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I was thrilled to stumble up Beanstock Coffee, an online purveyor of coffee, with roots in Wellfleet.

About Beanstock Coffee“Beanstock Coffee was born in 1996 as a small coffee shop tucked into the Inn at Duck Creek on Main St. in beautiful Wellfleet, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. There the smells of fresh roasted coffees and scratch baked goodies attracted many of our friends and neighbors. Word quickly spread and Beanstock became a small town hit.”

Beanstock Coffee’s motto is “Coffee is Personal” which means that everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to the brew – and these guys certainly have something for every taste.

It is funny, I love everything about coffee:  I love the look of the beans; I love the grinding process; I love watching it brew; and most of all I love the smell.  But to be honest, I don’t like drinking it.  However, I love making coffee and serving it to my guests.  I especially like to make iced coffee and frozen coffee treats and I am always on the lookout for new blends.  With the pedigree of Beanstock honed in one of my favorite places – they can count on me to be a new customer.

Check out the “personal” coffees of Beanstock Coffee here.