I’ve had a few albums in heavy rotation this summer as I have travelled around and have really been enjoying listening to them over and over making new memories. The best part is three of the albums I have been listening to the most are from three artists with whom I fell in love back in the aughts – even before there was a Lost Cowboy Found. These three albums will be on the playlist this week on vacation.

Taller – Jamie Cullum

First up is the latest album, Taller, from British singer/songwriter Jamie Cullum. I have been a huge fan of Mr. Cullum’s since he burst onto the scene in the early part of the last decade. I’ve seen him in concert several times and he is a great showman. In recent years it seems he has pulled back from his international touring to stay closer to home. But Mr. Cullum is back with a new album, Taller, and it is awesome. I just hope he tours North America again soon.

Taller by Jamie Cullum – can be found in various formats on Amazon music.

Visit Jamie Cullum online here.

Fever Breaks – Josh Ritter

Then there is the great American folk singer and songwriter, Josh Ritter, whom I first discovered when he opened for Jamie Cullum in Boston one time in like 2005. I love Mr. Ritter and his witty and thoughtful songs. I have also seen Mr. Ritter many times over the years and he is always touring. On his latest album, Fever Breaks, Mr. Ritter is in great form and delivers just the type of comfort music fans like me thrive on.

Fever Breaks by Josh Ritter – can be found in various formats on Amazon music.

Visit Josh Ritter online here.

Still on my Mind – Dido

Meanwhile, I am thrilled that Dido is back after taking a long break to raise her family. Dido, who sprung onto the scene with a string of hits in the late 90s and early 2000s, is back with a new album, Still on my Mind, and she sounds a great as ever – and proves why she is still on our minds. Her signature sound is intact with music that is reminiscent of her earlier work yet still sounds fresh.

Still on my Mind by Dido – can be found in various formats on Amazon music.

Visit Dido online here.