www1Well, I am back from a great week of vacation in the wonderful seaside town of Wellfleet on Massachusetts’ glorious Cape Cod.  That is a lot of adjectives to describe the settings, but words can’t do it justice – it was the perfect late summer vacation and I have returned with many things to share with you – which I will be doing in the coming days.

I took a lot of grief for my recent posts lamenting the coming of winter.  However, I feel vindicated, as the weather upon my return to the New Hampshire manse had definitely turned – the past few nights the mercury has dipped into the 30’s!  This has made me appreciate my vacation week all the more – as the weather was as perfect as one could possibly hope for – sunny days and warm temperatures.

I have been visiting Wellfleet with friends every summer for the past ten years.  This year, I shared the week with my good friend Lynda, with whom I share many interests.  Our days were full with visits to the area’s stunning beaches, bike rides, sunsets and enjoying the arts and other attractions the town has to offer.

We discovered new places and revisited old friends, and I am looking forward to sharing our experiences with you this week.

One “old friend” visited would be the Atlantic Spice Company, in nearby North Truro, MA.

About The Atlantic Spice Company: “We are a wholesale company that offers the highest quality culinary herbs and spices, extracts, teas, dehydrated vegetables, nuts, seeds, botanicals and essential oils. Our customers range from individuals who order by the pound, to restaurants, food co-ops, and health food stores, who order in much larger quantities. Atlantic Spice Company also offers a large assortment of bulk potpourri ingredients and fragrance oils to either the home or professional crafter.”

ASP1I love visiting The Atlantic Spice Company each year to see all the great products they offer, especially the loose leaf teas and the vast variety of salts from all over the world.  Lost Cowboy fans know of my fondness for both teas and salts – so you can imagine a place that sells both in bulk is a real treat for me and The Atlantic Spice Company is such a place.

The Atlantic Spice Company’s salt selection is great.  I have purchased many salts from The Atlantic Spice Company in the past and this year I bought some Bolivian Rose Coarse Salt that has a reddish tinge – which will make a nice addition to my next salt pairing dinner.  Yes folks, I have dinners where I pair salts with food – like wine.

Well, the great news is that The Atlantic Spice Company sells their products on their website.  However, if you can manage a trip to outer Cape Cod I promise you it will be well worth it.

See all the products of The Atlantic Spice Company here.