I am in the process up updating my living room decor. I have invested in a black leather couch and a matching chair which look great, but now my heirloom oak butler’s coffee table is not a good fit. So I am in the market for a new coffee table and a leading contender is the Rodan Coffee Table I found from the fine folks at The Future Perfect.

About the Rodan Coffee Table from The Future Perfect:

“Rodan is inspired by the restraint and detailing of the iconic Shaker box. In line with PINCH signature style, Rodan celebrates simplicity, whilst delivering on the detail. The table marries a turned, solid wood and very stable base, upon which sits the top, whose lip is then secured with the classic Shaker swallowtail lapper detail, originally conceived to allow wood to expand and contract.”

Find the Rodan Coffee Table from The Future Perfect here.

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