Were you to spend even a minute in my home you would come to the conclusion (among many others) that I am obsessed with pens, pencils, and markers of any kind. I have tons of them stashed all over the house. Why do I have so many pens when you can arguably only use one at a time? Well, it’s because I keep finding cool new pens like the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens I found from the fine folks at U Brands.

About the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens from U Brands:

“The perfect pens for our color-coded connoisseur. This six pack of colored ink felt tip pens come in red, green, blue, light blue, purple and black. Our Catalina felt tip pens offer perfect precision each time for easy note taking even the smallest sections. The quick-drying ink reduces smudges plus no bleed-through ink (we got you covered). Create, plan and write with smooth, consistent ink flow each time. Go on – give them a try, we know you’ll love them just as much as we do.”

See the Catalina Colored Ink Felt Tip Pens from U Brands.

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