I have never been a bow tie type of guy but always wanted to be one – especially when rocking a seersucker suit at a summer wedding. The problem has always been where to go to find the perfect bow tie that makes more of a statement than just what a bow tie does on its own. But things are about to change, now that I have found the Dunbar Feather Bow Tie from the fine folks at Brackish Bow Ties.

About the Dunbar Feather Bow Tie from Brackish:

“When Fall sets in, the Big Dipper lies close to the northern horizon in the early evening. The legend is the “Great Bear” comes down to wash his paws in the northern lakes before they are sealed by winter’s ice. The Dunbar is the starry night sky in the Autumn air. The Dunbar feather bow tie is a deep iridescent navy. Center wrap is black grosgrain. Made with pheasant feathers.:

See the Dunbar Feather Bow Tie from Brackish.

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