OK, if you are like me, you have way too many photos and other items taking up room on your mobile phone. Sure, cloud storage is great and helpful – but I like to have copies of all my pics and other media stored on my own local storage devices. Getting the photos from my phone to an external drive is not hard, but it isn’t super easy. Now, I found a great tool which will not only help me transfer files off of my phone – but it’s a storage device as well: the Portable USB Flash Drive I found from the fine folks at Kiwient. This drive is really cool – it attaches to your phone’s input and then easily converts to a standard USB device to plug into your laptop or other device.

About the Portable USB Flash Drive from Kiwient:

“The Portable USB Flash Drive helps free up space for your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You are allowed to?take all the pictures you want without worrying about running out of space. It is compatible with all iOS, Android, Mac, Windows devices.?After setting up the mobile app, the drive backs up your files when you plug it in! You can share your content while keeping sensitive files secure across your device. You can even watch videos straight from the drive.”

Find the Portable USB Flash Drive from Kiwient.

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