I love visiting spice shops. I love walking in and being overwhelmed by the smell of different spices as if you were smelling all of them at the same time yet you can pick them our individually. Alas, I am not getting out to any spice shops these days so I head to one of my favorite places online for procuring spices: The Spice House. The fine folks at The Spice House source only the best spices from around the world, like my current obsession – their Hand Select Star Anise.

About the Hand Select Star Anise from The Spice House:

“Cooks from Saigon to Little Saigon infuse pho with this delicate spice. It lends Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup a sweet richness reminiscent of licorice. In Europe, it stars in poached pears and tea infusions. Our whole star anise is hand-selected by our staff to be perfect for presentation.”

Discover the Select Star Anise from The Spice House.

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