On my recent virtual vacation to Cape Cod, my friends and I who would normally be together, decided it would be fun to read the same book – like we would do were we together. We chose The Second Home: A Novel by Christina Clancy, which has the great town of Wellfleet (where we would be on vacation) as a central feature. It was fun to read a novel with so many familiar landmarks mentioned capturing a lot of why we love Wellfleet. However, the plot was uninspired, and the characters hard to like. That said, once I figured out what the book was going to be and lowered my expectations I was able to enjoy it more and I was genuinely looking forward to how it all played out. I suppose this is just the type of book we needed with plenty to talk about and debate.

About The Second Home: A Novel by Christina Clancy:

“After a disastrous summer spent at her family’s home on Cape Cod when she is seventeen, Ann Gordon is very happy to never visit Wellfleet again. If only she’d stayed in Wisconsin, she might never have met Anthony Shaw, and she would have held onto the future she’d so carefully planned for herself. Instead, Ann ends up harboring a devastating secret that strains her relationship with her parents, sends her sister Poppy to every corner of the world chasing waves (and her next fling), and leaves her adopted brother Michael estranged from the family. Now, fifteen years later, her parents have died, and Ann and Poppy are left to decide the fate of the beach house that’s been in the Gordon family for generations. For Ann, the once-beloved house is forever tainted with bad memories. And while Poppy loves the old saltbox on Drummer Cove, owning a house means settling, and she’s not sure she’s ready to stay in one place.”

The Second Home: A Novel by Christina Clancy is available from Amazon and other fine booksellers everywhere.