The fine folks at Bright Beam Goods make a nice line of hand-crafted treasures, like their Agave Cactus Kit (right) which is a fun little craft project and the perfect shape and size to send in the mail a gift.

About the Agave Cactus Kit from Bright Beam Goods:

“The agave is a slow growing succulent, but you can proudly display one of our mini cactus kits much more quickly. And if you feel inspired to sip on a little tequila while putting it together, we won’t tell – you’re only trying to make yourself one with the agave plant, right… Color the wood with marker, pencils or paints, if desired. Assemble the wooden pieces in to the base, add the flowers to suit you personal style. Use a few drops of white glue to keep the agave permanently assembled. Unassembled, the kit measures 5″ x 8″, and arrives in a clear plastic sleeve with an instruction sheet.”

Find the Agave Cactus Kit from Bright Beam Goods.

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