OK, today’s find is quite simply the coolest thing I have found in some time. The reference to time is intended. Anyway, I just love the Texttime Flip Clock I found from the fine folks at Cloudnola.

About the Texttime Flip Clock from Cloudnola:

“Texttime flip clock series. This is our crown jewel of the wall clock collection. This is the Cloudnola Flipping Out grown up and graduated from college with an English major. The whimsical design of being able to read the time instead of just numbers changes the whole perspective of this clock. The exclusive design shape also makes it very sleek, like the other flip clocks the Timeline can be hanged or put in a shelve. It comes in Black and White and Bamboo and White.”

The Texttime Flip Clock from Cloudnola is not only super cool and elegantly designed, it certainly takes the guess work out of telling time.

Find the Texttime Flip Clock from Cloudnola.

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