The fine folks at New Hampshire’s own Peterboro Basket Company make a great line of baskets that will make storing just about anything in your house into a work of art. But it is the duel use of Peterboro’s Family Games Basket that really caught me eye – you play games with it and store all the game pieces inside.

About the Peterboro Family Games Basket:

“The Peterboro Family Games Basket provides the perfect family activity when you have time to play. It also makes a great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or weddings. A classic family heirloom, this beautiful games basket will be in your family for generations to come. This generous size basket is manufactured from Appalachian white ash hardwood. The lid is manufactured from ¾” solid, furniture quality, cherry and notched to stay in place on the basket during your games. The top side of the lid has a checker board, artfully-etched onto the solid cherry hardwood. Chess and checkers can be played on this side. The underside of the lid features a classic cribbage board with a laser-etched loon.”

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