leoOne of the great pleasures of traveling to London at any time is visiting some of the most amazing public museums of the world.  From the British Museum to the Victoria and Albert museum, and many others, there is always something new – and plenty old – to see.

On this trip I was thrilled to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the most surviving da Vinci paintings all in one place as part of the Leonardo da Vinci – Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition currently at London’s National Gallery.

About the exhibition: “Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan is the most complete display of Leonardo’s rare surviving paintings ever held. This unprecedented exhibition – the first of its kind anywhere in the world – brings together sensational international loans never before seen in the UK. While numerous exhibitions have looked at Leonardo da Vinci as an inventor, scientist or draughtsman, this is the first to be dedicated to his aims and techniques as a painter. Inspired by the recently restored National Gallery painting, The Virgin of the Rocks, this exhibition focuses on Leonardo as an artist. In particular it concentrates on the work he produced as court painter to Duke Lodovico Sforza in Milan in the late 1480s and 1490s.”

This is indeed a rare treat, as one can see from the long queues that have been forming daily across Trafalgar Square.  Any line is worth waiting in to see this amazing exhibition.  After seeing so many great works of art on my trip to Florence and Rome, I still got a thrill to see such amazing works by one of the greatest artists ever together in the extremely well-curated exhibition.

If you can’t see the exhibition in London, you can read all about it on the National Gallery’s website.  Like all good exhibitions these days, there is also a large collection of merchandise on sale: “inspired by Leonardo: Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition, The National Gallery shop has an exquisite and awe-inspiring new range of gifts. We’ve got original ideas with something for everyone.”

The Leonardo da Vinci – Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition will be on display at London’s National Gallery through February 5, 2012.

Visit the National Gallery’s Leonardo da Vinci Painter at the Court of Milan exhibition website here.

Visit the Leonardo da Vinci shop here.