WMKI have talked about kettle corn in the past, but I didn’t mention the time my friend Lynda asked me to smuggle a bag of it into a movie theater.  The bag was so big it made me look pregnant. Thankfully it was winter and my jacket covered it well.

Knowing Lynda’s fondness for kettle corn, I bought a bag of White Mountain Kettle Corn recently on my way to visit her.   I was drawn to White Mountain Kettle Corn at the store because it is made right here in New Hampshire.  On my visit, Lynda promptly opened the bag and it was so good we devoured it on the spot.  I have to say that White Mountain Kettle Corn is by far the best bagged kettle corn I have ever had and highly recommend it.

About White Mountain Kettle Corn: “White Mountain Kettle Corn is a wholesome, delicate and crunchy all-natural snack. When we pop corn, we make it crispy, slightly sweet and lightly salted. It’s twirl-around-the-room-delicious! White Mountain Kettle Corn is a high whole grain snack and it is light on the calories too; just 130 calories in the 3-cup serving! It is a healthy snack for kids and adults.”

White Mountain Kettle Corn offers some nice gift packs on their website and is great for holiday giving.  I have sent a gift pack or two myself since discovering White Mountain Kettle Corn and it has always been appreciated.

To find where you can purchase White Mountain Kettle Corn visit their website here.