ck1It seems that dessert is as much a part of Thanksgiving as the turkey itself.  Over the years I have been blessed to have spent every Thanksgiving with my family, immediate and extended.  If someone was not able to be with the family for dinner, they always came later for dessert.  Most years the dessert turned into family games and ultimately in raiding the leftovers for another meal.

I will admit that desserts are my weakness.  Not that I eat them, but that I am not the best provider of desserts when I host dinners.  The simple reason for this is that I don’t really care for most desserts.  As host of tomorrow’s dinner, I told my guests to bring desserts to ensure everyone has something they like.

Unlike me, my mother loves desserts.  Sadly, she is diabetic and can’t partake in her old favorites without risking a major health setback.  A few years ago I found a recipe for a sugar free cheesecake and made it for my mother at Christmas.  This cheesecake was such a hit, not only with my mother, but with everyone who tried it, that I have made it for every major family dinner since.

Last night I whipped up a couple of these cheesecakes to have on hand for tomorrow.  One to serve and one to send home with my mother.

I found the recipe on the website Diabetic Gourmet and it is relatively easy, but does take some time.  Keep in mind that the cheesecake is sugar free, but it is not fat free – and is best made with the real cream cheese.  I like to top the cheesecake with some sugar free whipped topping.

I recommend trying this recipe if you have a diabetic friend or family member coming to dinner – or just to make a treat for anyone who likes cheese cake.

Find the Sugar-Free New York Style Cheesecake recipe here.