aaTPLast year I told the story of our family heirloom turkey platter that has been in my mother’s family for generations and now graces our Thanksgiving table every year.  That post was more about the lament of no longer celebrating the holiday at my parents country home in New Hampshire than about the platter itself.

Thanksgiving had been the one holiday when we would all gather at the house and enjoy an old fashioned holiday dinner.  Since moving our parents out to a more convenience living situation, a couple of years ago, my sister and her family have hosted dinner.

This year, with me as caretaker of the old family homestead in New Hampshire, we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner here once again.  It was my mother’s first time at the house since moving out two years ago and although she was a bit emotional, she was happy to be back and thrilled to see the house alive again, especially with the whole family around her.

It was a challenge for me to host the whole family and prepare dinner by myself, but I was happy to do it.  I was well prepared and made detailed lists of everything I needed to do to prepare – from preparing the dinner to cleaning the house to last minute decorating projects.  I had everything perfectly timed to be ready for when guests arrived.  However, the day before Thanksgiving something unexpected happened… a snow storm passed through leaving 18 inches of heavy wet snow. 

This was a major setback, as there were a few tense moments waiting to be plowed out.  But the driveway was cleared in time and by Thanksgiving day the sun was out and the snow covered landscaped added to the festive atmosphere.

It was nice to have to whole family back to the house and we had a great time.  My oldest brother in his toast at dinner remarked: “lets give thanks to having the whole family together for one last Thanksgiving dinner in this house.”

No one knows for sure if it was indeed the last time for dinner here, but the sentiment was genuine and touching.  All I know is that the family tradition is that wherever the turkey platter lives is where dinner will be.  I am happy to report the platter has come home and I will keep it safe for at least another year.