bourbTonight when the clock strikes midnight and we usher in a new year, I will be toasting with a couple of fingers of Knob Creek, may favorite bourbon.  This is a big deal for me, as I will be a house party as an overnight guest, which means I can enjoy my bourbon without worrying about driving.  I never drink when I have to drive as a rule and it is a good thing as I am quite the lightweight when it comes to drinking.

Anyway, I have talked about my bourbon interest in the past and I am pleased to see that the good old Kentucky Whiskey of my choice is having a big renaissance these days.  The New York Times recently featured an interesting piece on the resurgence of this classic spirit which I found quite interesting and informative.  Check out the New York Times feature on bourbon here.

In the meantime, wherever you are and whatever you choose to toast the new year with… I wish you the happiest of New Years and every success in 2012!