BR1I guess I am officially a professional artist

I have posted a few bits and pieces here and there about my work as an artist.  My medium is what is more or less best known as “assemblage” – but could also be called “constructions” or “found art” or many other things.  This is where I take bits and pieces of collected and found objects and re-imagine them into a new piece of art.

For months now, ever since I began my sabbatical experiment, I have been working in my New Hampshire studio on many pieces and plan to display some finished works soon.  Lost Cowboy fans will be the first to see the work here, and I hope to exhibit my work at galleries and festivals over the summer.

All that said, I think I may already be a professional artist.  Last summer, shortly after the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup, I put together a very simple assemblage from a couple of found objects.  Many of my works feature mid-century artifacts like bits and pieces of toys long discarded by aging Baby Boomers. When I was thinking about the Bruins win my mind turned to a couple of object I knew I had that would make a nice little tribute.

One piece was a little metal Bruins player off of an early 70’s vintage tabletop hockey game.  The second piece was a well used street hockey puck from roughly the same era.  I simply drilled a hole in the puck and attached the player with a screw and I had a very simple sculpture.

I brought the creation with me as a mascot to Todd Farm where I was set up selling my usual collection of vintage finds.  My little Bruins guy was quite the object of conversation and many people asked how much he was.  I said he was NFS – not for sale.

One of the people who wanted to buy it returned later in the day and asked again.  He said something like “come on, everything has a price.”  I thought about this, and thought I would indeed give him a price thinking that he would never pay so much.

I said: “$40.”

He said: “fine” and handed me $40 and I was left speechless and became a newly minted artist.

I assure you that my other artwork is not so simple and takes me much longer to create.  However, it will always be this simple and timely creation that will be my first sale as an assemblage artist.