buenosairesbrownieA couple of weeks again while strolling down memory lane and revisiting my trips to Argentina, I mentioned how I have used Dulce de Leche to add an extra treat to brownies.  It is a very easy thing to do – just prepare you favorite brownie recipe or mix as usual and then swirl in some Dulce de Leche just before baking.  The result is a gooey delicious treat.

If you don’t want to experiment but you like the idea of Dulce de Leche brownies, may I suggest you try the Buenos Aires Brownies from Zingermans Bakehouse.

About the Buenos Aires Brownies from Zingermans Bakehouse: “Two layers of our Black Magic Brownie sandwich a layer of Dulce de Leche, the Argentine caramel cream. Topped with a blend of cooked sugar and almonds that makes a toasty, dark caramel that we grind into a sweetly crunchy praline powder. Wow! The $64 million dollar question is “How do they get that caramel between the layers?”

I’m sorry, but these brownies sound delicious and may be just the thing to hold me over until I get to Buenos Aires again for some local treats.

Check out Zingermans Bakehouse’s Buenos Aires Brownies and other treats here.

Order your Zingermans Bakehouse Brownies here.