alpacBack in the day, one of the neighbors here at my parents’ New Hampshire home, raised alpacas.  You know, the llama-like animals that are coveted for their fur fibers.  I remember some fun times taking a walk across the river that divided the properties to look at these amazing animals.

The woman who raised the alpacas has long since moved away, but every time I am near her old home I think about her and her furry charges.

I thought about the alpacas all over again recently when I came across Mt. Caesar Alpacas from the other side of New Hampshire near Keene.  The folks at Mt. Caesar Alpacas raise alpacas for their fibers and makes some nice products like sweaters and socks.

About Mt. Caesar Alpacas“Bred for the finest fiber and conformation, our alpacas are lovingly raised and offer gentle temperaments. All of our alpacas are from the country’s top championship bloodlines.”

The folks at Mt. Caesar Alpacas not only have a large line of products made from the alpaca fibers, you can also buy the raw fiber and yarn, and if you really want to, they will sell you one of the animals.

See more about Mt. Caesar Alpacas here.

[Curator’s note: with apologies – this post was originally intended for publication back in March.  However, I neglected to hit the right button so it ended up in a suspended state until I found it this morning – sorry about that.  The alpaca deserve better.  Cheers!]