ccbMy parents played several games of cribbage every Saturday night when I was growing up.  Saturday was the only night the family did not eat together in the dining room.  Mom would set us kids up in the kitchen with hamburgers or hot dogs and my parents would eat together alone in the dining room.  Once we finished our dinner and proved we had drank all of our milk, we would visit the ding room where Mom would treat us to a little bit of her Tab as a treat and then tumble down to the family room to watch television.

It was known that Saturdays were date nights for the folks, and I guess I left it to my older siblings to make sure I got out of the way so mom and dad could play their card game.

Anyway, I have always wanted to learn to play cribbage.  It is funny, I have played cards with my mom my whole life, mostly gin rummy.  However, she never taught me cribbage.  I think it could be because it was something special my parents shared, even though dad has given up the game in recent years.  Recently I had the chance to learn cribbage from a friend, which was fun, and I approached my mother about us playing, and she seems to be excited about the prospect – so we shall see.

As a result of this rediscovered interest in cribbage, I have been noticing cribbage boards more and more.  I have seen some great vintage boards and discovered some amazing new ones made by master craftspeople, like the Custom Cribbage Boards of Splinters Woodworks.

About The Custom Cribbage Boards of Splinters Woodworks:  “Cribbage, the king of all counting games–a card game so cool it not only has its own lingo, it even has its own special pegboard for keeping score. You could tally up the points just as easily on a piece of paper, but it wouldn’t be the same. Cribbage is nothing without the custom board. The best cribbage boards are works of art and express individual personal expressions.”

These custom boards are really cool, but Splinters Woodworks also has a full line of ready-made cribbage boards for sale.

I am very excited about taking up the game and sharing some special times with my mom and others who love the game.  Here’s to great memories and future fun with loved ones.

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