SHAVELike most boys growing up, I couldn’t wait to shave.  I remember watching my dad shave and for a time I had a toy shaving kit and I would following along.  My dad was a great shaver.  He used a real straight-edge razor and had a great little machine that warmed the shaving cream before he applied it to his face.  I even remember admiring his little cuts and how he tended to them with a styptic pencil and the occasional spot of toilet paper.

Alas, I was cursed with a baby face and very light facial hair which meant I was well into my young adulthood before shaving everyday was needed.  Ultimately my joy of shaving was short-lived and shaving became a daily curse.

However, now as I get older, I think more about shaving and making it part of a total hygiene and healthy living regimen.  Which means I have been looking into more traditional shaving products that result in a cleaner shave and better results for my increasingly sensitive middle-aged face.

I have played around with shaving brushes, real razors and the occasional professional shave (which by the way is enough to spoil anyone).  Unfortunately, finding a good source of these products is not as easy as going to you local CVS.  Which makes places like London’s Taylor of Old Bond Street a goldmine.

About Taylor of Old Bond Street: “Our family have been manufacturing luxury grooming products for men since 1854. We offer you the finest range of shaving brushes, razors & shaving accessories, manicure sets, deodorants, talcs, soaps, oils, sponges, hair brushes, combs, shaving mirrors, our own brand of aftershaves, colognes & men’s shaving gifts.”

Taylor of Old Bond Street has a great collection of everything a gentleman looking for great shaving products needs.  In addition, for you ladies who want a great gift for the men in their lives, Taylor of Old Bond Street is just the ticket.

Start with one of the great gift sets before moving into the razors.  Anyone looking for a perfect gift for a guy like me – I would love an old school open razor, perhaps with a mother of pearl handle.  Throw in a vintage LP of the original Broadway cast of Sweeney Todd and I will love you forever.

See all the shaving and grooming products of London’s Taylor of Old Bond Street here.