robshaw1Lost Cowboy fans know how much I love textiles with interesting designs.  A simple panel of fabric with a cool design can change a whole room, whether used for curtains, pillows or just as a throw or table covering. 

Some of the best textiles I have come across recently are by John Robshaw Textiles.

John Robshaw Textiles offers some wonderful Asian-inspired prints that have been applied to everything from bedding and clothing to travel products.

About John Robshaw Textiles: “After he earned a fine arts degree at Pratt and studied traditional block printing in China, John “I-Caught-the-Asia-Bug” Robshaw journeyed to India to find natural indigo dye for his paintings. Instead, he fell in love with the local artisans fabric-making traditions. The hands-on immediacy and vitality of textiles dyed, printed, woven, stitched, and worn piqued what was to become a lifelong fascination.”robshaw

In addition to textiles, Mr. Robshaw has created a great series of other products with his designs, like stationary – I love his elephant cards, which are “handmade in house from recycled fabrics. Each piece of stationary is individually hand made, then dye cut to it’s own whimsicle shape. Envelopes are lined with hand printed prints in coordinating colors to add charm.”

Check out John Robshaw Textiles here.