DMWTI love living in New Hampshire.  I love most everything about the state, save for its shape.  Take New Hampshire off the map of the United Sates and it looks like you have a misshaped slice of pizza or piece of pie.  Turn it upside down and you have, well… Vermont.

Now Texas, there you have a state with a great shape!

So you can see how I fell in love with this Texas table from Stately Tables, a company dedicated to making tables shaped like U.S. sates – and I love them!

About the tables of Stately Tables:  “Stately Tables are hand-crafted in upstate New York. The majority of our tables are made from locally-milled Hemlock beams. We also repurpose salvaged wood, such as Maple, Pine, Chestnut and Oak, which can be requested upon availability.”

These tables would be a great addition to a room you are looking to spice up a little bit.  I am sure you can find a shape that makes a statement (sorry).  I would go in for New Hampshire-shaped coffee table for my beloved screen porch, but I would hate for people sitting on the wrong side of it thinking I am honoring that Green Mountain state accross the river.

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