ZGI have to say that I really love my Blackberry.  That said, my mobile contract is up for renewal and along with it comes the option of a new phone and I have been thinking about the iPhone.  I know I will love the iPhone as I have been in love with my iPod touch and iPad for some time now.  But my observation has been that the iPhone is good for just about everything you want in a smart phone except for the phone part.  So I have been thinking about staying with Blackberry and continuing with the perks the iPhone provides with the apps on my existing Apple devices.

That was until I came across the mobile phone covers of Zero Gravity.  I adore this Vintage Radio iPhone cover they offer and it may just push me over the top towards the iPhone.

About Zero Gravity:  “Based in Los Angeles, California, ZERO GRAVITY is a technological accessory brand that fuses ultra modern aesthetic with a touch of retro charm. This unique brand strives to create designs that are fun, versatile, and full of personality. With an extensive line of eye-catching products inspired by everyday life, ZERO GRAVITY’s mission is to remind people to never take life too seriously!”

Time will tell,  but I love the idea of my phone looking like carrying around an old school transistor radio. (BTW, I also love the Ouija Board iPad sleeve.)

See all the cool products of Zero Gravity here.