HelmI have posted in the past about my love of hats.  I can’t pass by a hat store without trying on several and buying a few.  Of course there is the famous incident where I had four hats on my person on a day trip and bought three more while out an about.  I know, I have a problem, but I love hats.

With many a great source for hats online, I can stay home and add to my collection. However, there is nothing like visiting a great hat store.  One of the best hat purveyors I have found is John Helmer of Portland, OR and lucky for me they have an online outlet as well as a physical store.

About John Helmer:  “Quality Hats, Caps & Men’s Accessories for over 85 Years
Now in our third generation of family ownership, and dedicated to customer service for more than eighty-five years, we feature one of the largest selections of hats, caps, berets, unique headwear and specialty men’s clothing accessories in the Pacific Northwest.”

John Helmer sells all manner of hats and their website is a great resource for all things hats, like how to care for your hats and how to determine your hat size.  They also sell other products, mostly men’s furnishings.  This place is so old-school awesome they even sell shirt sleeve garters.

I haven’t been out to Portland, OR for several years, and I am overdue.  On top of my list next time visit is a stop at the John Helmer store.

See all the great hats and other products of John Helmer here.